How to take care of the carpet?

If you feel after drying the laundry is still wet angel a thin towel on a wet spot and put heavy objects on it.
Solutions for specific spot:
Acid stains: These stains that may arise even with pouring some vinegar you need to react quickly. Immediately pour a small amount of baking soda and water and then add a small amount of diluted solution of ammonia and water. Minutes later they vacuum the carpet Bkshydv water.
dry cleaner and gently pull.
Korea: The Korea can with your hands and then rub a small amount of detergent solution into place and let dry.
Liquid Candles: Candles immediately put some ice on Lake water because the ice is off the carpet pile and easily.
Gum: fluid through the pile quickly cool it to easily be stripped.
Chocolate and coffee: immediately remove it from the carpet and exactly the way blood stains using detergent and water and white vinegar to clean it.
Lake Watercolor: immediately on the blotter and insert it with a warm iron until the stain to kill. The use of detergent and wash it a few minutes later.
Fruit: Fruit stains are sometimes very difficult to clean.

• • If poultry fats and colored like water poured on the carpet, immediately pour a bowl of yogurt on it, let us take a few minutes, and then at the same time, Lkhbrdary do.