Iranian Carpet The Basic Part Of Persian Art

About Kashan Khatereh Kavir Carpet
The company began its activities in the field of machine-made carpets in 1995 in Amir Kabir industrial city.
Concidering the global innovation and development, Khatereh Kavir utilizes the most modern and advanced machines in the world located at Iran, Kashan and is at your service.
It is noteworthy given that Kashan is the city of civilization with a culture from more than 7000 years BC, and from long ago till now, the handmade carpets of Kashan has been known for its uniqueness and in and out of the country. The company, utilizing committed and experienced staff as well as using color and original designs of handmade carpets and mixing it with modern technology, tries to produce even better carperts with more quality. In this regard, the company recieved national Iranian standard and also ISO 9001 and ISO 9002.
Khatereh Kavir is currently producing carpets in 4 different types with the most modern and advanced machines:
1. 10 color 1000 reeds carpet with the density of 3000
2. 8 color 1200 reeds carpet with the density of 3600
3. 8 color 1200 reeds HB (Highbulk) with the density of 3600
4. 8 color 1500 reeds with the density of 4500
Now after a quarter century of experience, we hope to be even more of service to you consumers with your warm support.
We are waiting for your constructive feedback.